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Sharing the Gospel with the Deaf community 
"How can they hear the [Gospel] without a preacher [interpreter]?" (Romans 10:14)
Welcome to the online home of SigningwithVal where we have a two-fold mission.
We want to reach Deaf and Hard of Hearing people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing videos in ASL. We also endeavor to teach others how to communicate with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities in their language American Sign Language (ASL).
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About Me

Hi there! I'm Val - a professional American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter. I have a B.A. in Sign Language Studies, as well as a B.A. in Business Management and a Masters in Ministry.

In 1986, I was teaching a Sunday School class of teenagers. We were preparing for our annual Easter Program. I told the students that Easter had gotten upon us so fast, let's just sing a song--Rise Again. The students and my co-teacher were fine with this suggestion. The day before the Easter Program, the Lord woke me up and said, "Why don't you do the song in sign language?" I knew no sign language. None. I called the Bible Bookstore in our town, but they did not have any books on sign language. However, as God would ordain, the man that I was talking to knew sign language and in-between customers, he taught me the very first song I ever signed--Rise Again. The next day at church, I taught it to our students. They signed it that afternoon and, as they say, the rest is history.

As time went on, I began meeting some great people from the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (HH) Community! I later began learning the language of the Deaf Community, American Sign Language (ASL). God led me to begin teaching others how to sign and eventually quit my job to start a non-profit organization which I operated until moving to Georgia.

In February 2012, a year before our move, I felt God leading me on a new path…the path to becoming a Sign Language Music Artist. “SigningwithVal” was birthed. My motto is “If I can help somebody as I pass this way, then my living will not be in vain.” My goal is to CELEBRATE (the Deaf Community) and EDUCATE (the hearing population). I know that I have been divinely called by God to be the “voice” for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals and to help bridge the communication gap between the Deaf World and the hearing world. I have a true passion and heart for reaching out to and working with the Deaf Community as well as to educate the church body-at-large on how to connect with the Deaf Community.


I have been married to my wonderful husband, Arthur, since 1980. We now reside in Georgia and my adult children (including their spouses) often work with me in ministry—either signing, videotaping or other aspects. Arthur and I are also the proud grandparents of four beautiful grandchildren.


Gospel Music for the Deaf Community



Zoom meeting with me to assess what your needs are and how I can best help



15-60 minutes

Religious ASL Tutoring

Tutoring session with me to help you navigate the world of church vocabulary, scripture interpretation, Deaf ministry needs and much more.



Individual ASL Tutoring

Whether you're just curious about the language or want to communicate with a member of the Deaf community, I'm here to help!





"As it was my first experience in learning ASL, I don't think I could've found a better instructor than Val. She enjoys teaching, is easy to understand, and doesn't mind repeating herself for the sake of being able to understand the material. The lessons were a very enlightening experience about the deaf community."
Arthur S.
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