(VP for the Deaf Community)


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SigningwithVal serves the church-at-large in a variety of ways, one of which is ministry through music to Deaf, Hard of Hearing and hearing alike. It is her desire that as she ministers in music, the hearts of the Deaf Community will be inspired and will want to learn about Jesus, while the hearts of those that are hearing will be moved to action. - "And how can they hear about him [Jesus] unless someone tells them?" (Romans 10:14 NLT)

We offer:

  • Assistance to churches in establishing Sign Language or Deaf Ministries
  • Speaking engagements at churches to share with them about the plight of the Deaf Community in the church
  • Teach Beginning American Sign Language (ASL) to individuals, groups, churches, agencies, etc.
  • ASL Workshops¬†
  • Provide & coordinate Certified Interpreter Teams for concerts, live recordings, special events, large or small conferences, conventions, revivals, etc.
  • Teach Gospel Artists to sign their own music
  • Provide ASL interpreter on music videos of Gospel Artists
  • Teach background singers how to sign as they sing backup
  • Sign-to-music classes.
  • SKYPE Classes -- $80 for six one-hour class sessions; ($90 if the student desires a video review of each lesson).
  • FUTURE GOAL: Provide weekly television programming for the Deaf with Deaf guests

For more information on any of our above services, please contact our office.