(VP for the Deaf Community)


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Gospel Music for the Deaf Community
Gospel Music for the Deaf Community by Val Johnson [Gospel Artist Douglas Miller]
Gospel artist Damita signing "No Looking Back" [Instructor - SigningwithVal]
Nobody Greater sung by Gospel artist VaShawn Mitchell and signed by SigningwithVal
We Shall Behold Him sung by Vickie Winans and signed by SigningwithVal
In The Midst of it All sung by Gospel artist Yolanda Adam and signed by SigningwithVal
Every Knee Shall Bow sung by Gospel artist Dottie Peoples and signed by SigningwithVal
For Your Glory Alone sung by Contemporary Christian artist Antonia Lawrence and signed by SigningwithVal
Former Deaf Ministry from Power Centre Church Int'l Presents "Holy, Holy" [Gospel Artist Richard Smallwood and Vision] under the direction of SigningwithVal
Thank You sung by Gospel artist Richard Smallwood & Vision and signed by the late Samuel Franklin--Deaf Artist 
Pastor James Parker Preaching [Deaf]
Pastor James Parker Preaching [Deaf]
Part 1
Pastor James Parker Preaching [Deaf]
Part 2
Pastor James Parker Preaching [Deaf]
Part 3

I Will Always Love You sung by Whitney Houston and signed by SigningwithVal with husband Arthur
I Can Only Imagine sung by Tamela Mann and signed by SigninwithVal
SigningwithVal signing We Shall Behold Him on "Atlanta Live"
For Every Mountain sung by Kurt Carr Singers signed by SigningwithVal
Minister Val preaching 
"The Battle is the Lord's